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Children's Defense Fund Releases 2014 State of America's Children Report

“It is disgraceful that fifty years after President Lyndon Johnson declared a War on Poverty, millions of children in America, especially young children and children of color, still live on the outskirts of hope. I call on President Obama and America’s political leaders in every party at every level to mount a long overdue, unwavering, and persistent war to prevent and eliminate child poverty and finish the task President Johnson and Dr. Martin Luther King began. Two- and three-year-olds have no politics and we must reject any leaders who for any reason play political football with the lives of millions of our children and our nation’s future. If America is to lead in the 21st century world, we must reset our economic and moral compass. This is not a time for more rhetoric but for action to address the rampant child homelessness and hunger in our nation. Children are hungry now. They are homeless now. It is cold right now.” - Marian Wright Edelman


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