A 2013 Beyond the Bell survey found that 95% of youth-serving agency respondents in Milwaukee identified the "lack of a citywide youth policy agenda" as a significant challenge to the sector. However, creating any kind of citywide youth agenda is difficult without a baseline understanding of how much our community currently invests in young people.

Thanks to a new Public Policy Forum report, we now have a clearer understanding.

The report, Show Me the Way: Making Sense of Youth Development Funding in Milwaukee, examines the level of public funding for positive youth development programs for youth ages 12-24 in Milwaukee.


Commissioned by Beyond the Bell, this fiscal scan offers a greater understanding of the sources and allocations of publicly administered resources for out-of-school time services. The scan also helps identify opportunities to align and leverage resources for greater efficiency and impact.

Beyond the Bell looks forward to working with youth, policymakers and practitioners to better coordinate and prioritize our investment in youth services.